UV tanning

If you have a pale complexion, UV tanning is the best method for you. It gives you controlled amounts of UV rays for a more permanent darkening. It also helps clear out psoriasis, and stimulates your body to produce much-needed vitamin D.

Included in this service is a wide selection of lay-down beds and standup beds, as well as tanning lotions. The machine scans you completely and gives you a personal tan all around. You must be 18 years old and above to use this service. Otherwise, you will need permission from a parent.

spray tanning

We have a spray tanning booth called the HD Mystic Tanning Booth. This option is perfect if you have to attend a wedding, photo shoot, pageant, or any other important event right after the tanning session. 

Included is this service is the spray tan and all the necessary protective gear. You can add a bronzer as well. This service is available for all ages.

mobile airbrush tanning

Manual air brush tanning is a mobile service that is great for weddings, fitness competitions, photo shoots, and movie shoots. It is more concentrated than spray tan, and has a matte finish. 

This service includes the tanning product, as well as protective products for your nails, hands, and eyes. You can be of any age to be able to use this service. You can schedule an appointment at your place, or you can visit our salon.

other services

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